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India | 8 reviews

11 months ago

1.0/5 Rating

That's all I want to say. Don't waste your time. work with someone else.


Afghanistan | 2 reviews

11 months ago

1.0/5 Rating

Don't waste your money this prop firm has its own stupid rules. Go other.

Abdul Tawab

Nigeria | 2 reviews

11 months ago

3.0/5 Rating

TWE has been among the top, I partner with them once which I wasn't unable to pass my challenge due to news manipulation. My Sl/Tp where not effective at all it cost me a lot on my 25k challenge but anyway you guys should improve on that as soon as possible. Try and be more competitive among others like introducing more benefits to attract customers like competition,Steps challenge, customer support e.t.c Thanks you.


India | 4 reviews

11 months ago

5.0/5 Rating

Hello guys. First of all I haven't finished the challange so I didn't get a payout yet. So I'm going to write my review about spreads/slippages and most importantly their great customer service. Their broker is Eightcap. I had never have any issue with the broker. I didn't experience any bugs or server shut down. I think it is pretty stable. I traded two 50k accounts for a month and I have never experienced slippage issue. Even during the red folder news events my stop losses triggered perfectly which is awesome. I think Eightcap doesn't have liquidity issues. Spreads for indices meets industury standarts which is pretty decent. Forex commissions are decent and no commission for indices. Spreads for forex is much lower than standards. EURUSD spreads are mostly in between 0 and 1. I can remember in one of my trades price almost reached my stoploss there was 1 or 2 points left but my stoploss wasn't triggered and that trade was a winner. Some other prop firms were triggering my stoploss with the double or triple spread that I see on MT5 Last but lot least I want to talk about the customer support. I had an issue about one of rules and there was a misunderstanding due to that. My accounts were still in profit and I was expecting to get a free retake but accounts were breached due to 30 day inactivity. I reached out to support team let them know my situation. At first they said I am not entitled to get free retries due to the inactivity breach but they offered me one of the accounts to show their good faith. After I explained myself they acted fair. They know when they are right and they accept if they are wrong and they are willing to compensate if there is a mistake by their behalf. Even though I haven't got a payment yet, I trust them and everytihng is good so far. I'll add my reviews about payments as soon as I get one.

Ariawan Budianto

Indonesia | 3 reviews

1 year ago

5.0/5 Rating

The team behind the scenes is what really shines, though. They are always there to help, providing guidance when needed and offering their expertise generously. It's like having your own personal trading coach available whenever you need them. The community here is diverse and inspiring, always buzzing with new ideas and strategies. It's a great place to learn, share, and grow together. And the competitions? They're not just fun but really push you to up your game. If you're looking for a prop firm that will truly invest in you, look no further than Traders With Edge. They've exceeded all my expectations and I can't wait to see where the journey takes me next. Five stars all the way!



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