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Ariawan Budianto

Indonesia | 3 reviews

1 year ago

5.0/5 Rating

I'm living my trader's dream with this prop firm! They've managed to create a unique blend of professional support, top-notch resources, and an encouraging community that's hard to find anywhere else in the industry. Trading with their capital, while they bear the risk, speaks volumes about their faith in their traders. The transparency around profit sharing and risk protocols is refreshing. Every day here is a chance to learn, grow, and get better. This isn't just a place to trade—it's a place to become a better trader. I genuinely feel privileged to be part of this amazing journey. I wholeheartedly give them 5 stars. If you're serious about trading, look no further. This is it!


India | 8 reviews

1 year ago

4.0/5 Rating

Funded trading necessitates that you trade on a company's account. The prop trading firms offer you sufficient capital, buying power, and leverage with a funded trading account so that you can significantly profit from the financial market. And monthly compilation ourall is best. Thanks


India | 14 reviews

1 year ago

4.0/5 Rating

My overall rating: 9.1/10. For forex traders, the Funded Trader is about as trader-friendly a prop firm as you are going to find. They've earned traders' trust and offer top-tier profit splits, obtainable targets, and straightforward rules.


Belgium | 3 reviews

1 year ago

3.0/5 Rating

My account was already verified yet they keep asking me to verify. Customer support should be better

Nabawia youssf

Egypt | 1 reviews

1 year ago

1.0/5 Rating

I don't know if anyone else is dealing with the funded trader prop firm or having problems with them, but I tried their challenge several times before I finally reached funded stage after four months. However, after I made a profit of $12,098 and requested a withdrawal, they stopped responding to my emails and live chat messages. After following up with me for two weeks, all of a sudden, they send me a live chat message informing me that my account has been cancelled because it violates the grid/reverse trading regulations and procedures. I don't know what that means, why my account is stopped while I'm conducting routine trading, and this is my first time reaching the withdrawal step. If anyone is experiencing the same problem, please provide advice.



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