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Ammar Layadi

France | 2 reviews

6 months ago

1.0/5 Rating

I would not suggest this prop firm to anyone. After completing stage 2 and completing my verification, I received an email stating that your KYC application was not authorized by our KYC verification system and your account would be canceled.

Oyeniya Samuel

Nigeria | 1 reviews

1 year ago

5.0/5 Rating

I came on FXIFY board through their last account giveaway and since then, the experience has been great. They have surpassed my expectations of how a new prop firm would flop, simply put, they are doing awesomely great. During these few weeks I have spent with them, I can confidently vouch for them because of a few things: ✅ The execution time for trades is very fast without any delay, and no commission on trades ✅ The spreads are very low and their broker does not manipulate price around SL. ✅Their payout percentage is really high (UpTo 90%) ✅ I have seen their payout proof track record and payout processing time is between 24-48 hours. You can withdraw your money through Deel and Crypto... Really amazing compared with other firms because I have seen someone receive their payout as low as 9minutes ✅The last thing … FXIFY customer support members are really Friendly and nice. They have a great discord group and traders can chat and share their experience with other traders. I believe that FXIFY will change the prop firm industry. Looking forward to the greatness..


Nigeria | 1 reviews

1 year ago

1.0/5 Rating

My experience this them has made me understand their the best with their conditions and policies which is not stressful for me as a developing trader. It help me learn while in the challenge and it was very very helpful for me …. Thanks for been the best platform i came across


Nigeria | 2 reviews

1 year ago

2.0/5 Rating

Prop Connect helped me out with a funded account from fixfy. Which is very good looking out for new traders



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