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India | 4 reviews

11 months ago

4.0/5 Rating

I had Express account with them and confirm that I have received payouts few times. Now I have got email saying that they found violation of their rules and therefore account to be terminated. The evidence they provided is that account was managed from multiple devices from different locations within short period of time. Well, the reality is that sometimes I use my smartphone to manage open trades when I go out from home. For some reason 4G mobile operator make IP routing showing different location, which I did not even know before that case with FundedNext. Everyone who would like to try FundedNext, my strong advice for you, check if any VPN (other network services) installed on your home computer, if you connect from office location or any external like hotel / restaurant/ etc, your 4G mobile operator, as its always wrong to assume your device is getting IP address which would show same place as your physical location. Your time and hard trading work could be just wasted. Its of course dissapointment that company took such formal way to remove traders, we are living in 21st century, people use many own devices and Internet is complex thing including IP assignment and routing. They always say that if you are genuine trader, there is nothing to worry about, but read my advice above and be better prepared


India | 14 reviews

1 year ago

5.0/5 Rating

One'of the best prop firm is fundednext.


India | 8 reviews

1 year ago

4.0/5 Rating

Fundednext thanks for amazing updates and new elevation challenge with instent funding.

Lidya thk

India | 7 reviews

1 year ago

5.0/5 Rating

Fundednext is the best prop firm in industry. Much love and full support.


India | 32 reviews

1 year ago

5.0/5 Rating

Fundednext give you unlimited time With FundedNext, you'll get up to a 90% profit split. You'll get an 80% profit share initially. With scale-up, you'll be eligible for a 90% profit share. Much love fundednext ❤️



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